Identify the participants

There's employee(s) at $/H.
There's executive(s) at $/H.
There's senior manager(s) at $/H.
*The number of participants can change during the meeting. You can also personalize the hourly costs..

Define your current objective

You're taking part in a meeting?

Take advantage of an objective approach by visualizing the key figures in real time.

Warning! The cold facts may shock some people.
You're going to lead a meeting or worse still sit through one?

Discreetly set up RealCostMeeting and display its mysterious meter.At the end of the meeting ask them to solve this enigma.Reveal the solution by changing mode. Amazement guaranteed!
Move forward together and tackle the meeting effectively right from the start.

Follow the messages designed to stimulate a dynamic. The meeting will last for a maximum of one hour.

This mode is probably most suitable for raising awareness.

*You can change mode during the meeting.



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What you should know

Each minute costs xx
and0 per hour
0 participants
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Before you go

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