That feeling of "déjà vu"

Are they really there? Questions, questions Are you getting down to the nitty gritty?

Are they really there?

Most employees are pleased when a meeting is timetabled, because meeting is often synonymous with time to do nothing. Participants just need to make an appearance but their thoughts are elsewhere. How many people have that blank, away with the fairies look on their faces? How many are playing with their pens, doodling even?

Questions, questions

Setting up an agenda is a real headache for the leader of any meeting. You need just enough content - but not too much. Besides, it's rare to get through every item on an agenda. Questions are asked during the meeting causing the speaker to deviate from the main subject, meaning basic questions are left hanging in the air with no clear answers.

Are you getting down to the nitty gritty?

There are costs involved in holding a meeting: hiring a meeting room, inviting participants, possibly including outside contributors, organizing a buffet or other refreshments if the meetings going to last for several hours. Organizers put a lot of energy into creating the perfect conditions for a meeting, but they may be overlooking the essential ingredient is the meeting itself really necessary?

Put an end to those toxic meetings

Whether you've just joined a company or worked there for 20 years, you'll feel the same: there are too many meetings and this has a negative effect.
When meetings are over you feel that you've wasted your time. Too many meetings, with too many participants, badly organized.and nothing to show at the end. The worst is meetings held to plan other meetings. You can't move forward under such conditions.

RealCostMeeting was created to solve this problem. RealCostMeeting enables you to take that first step towards achieving awareness in real time and making your business meetings more productive. As shock treatment or a gentle nudge, it's aimed at participants, organizers and speakers alike and ensures that everyone will come out of the meeting room with a warm glow of satisfaction. RealCostMeeting is the perfect tool to produce step by step progress and to ensure that at last things will get done.

Wise up

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